We have been attending CB for the past 5 years and are very happy with our decision to send our boys here. I can never give enough praise to the teachers here. They are the most warming, interactive, and loving teachers you could ever ask for. When my oldest son first started attending the school, he would initially cry during drop offs and it was very hard on me. But the teachers would embrace him and distract him and he would quickly stop crying. My husband and I always comment how we feel like the teachers at this school are angels and feel blessed that our kids are in their hands. Let me emphasize again…we LOVE the teachers here. They are sweet and caring. Special credit to Ms. Lily, Ms. Dora, Ms. Helena, and Ms. Gladys.

As far as the language goes, you can not find a better system than this. All the teachers are native speakers and it’s a full language immersion program. Meaning they will speak to your child in the language class they are in for the entire day. Unless, of course, they think a child is not understanding and will explain the instruction in English. My oldest son who graduated Kinder from here is fluent in Spanish and can read and write it too. I have seen kids come in the program and come out speaking Spanish, Mandarin or both. You can’t put your child in the program and expect them to be fluent in a few months, but give it a good year and you will be very surprised.

During our time here, we have seen Crossing Borders transform from a small 2 class school to what it is today. There was a time when the school was growing at a very fast pace and the administration did seem disorganized, but that has all changed. They have recently done many changes to the way they communicate and keep track of students so that it feels like a well-established and run organization. For example, the school has an electronic fingerprint sign in and sing out system. When the school wants to send a communication note to the parents they can include it in this sign out system so you see it when you pick up your kids. They also email parents the same reminder and at times send a letter home. One of my favorite things is the secure app they have where the teacher can download daily pictures of the students and of the materials being covered for that week.

At the end of last year, they sent all the books home that my son had worked on throughout the year. I was very impressed with the quality of the curriculum. I was always aware that my son was busy during the day since some finished work was sent home throughout the year, but it wasn’t until I saw the books he had completed that I was really blown away. He was learning cursive at the PreK4 level. This is the first year they introduce a new summer curriculum that is less academic and a whole lot of fun. My son has had a fantastic time this summer and looks forward to going to school every day. So far they have made science experiments, made jello with fresh fruit from scratch, baked cookies, watched a mad science show, learned about dinosaurs, and birds.

They also have a really good selection of after school activities you can sign your child up for like karate, art, dancing, and science. Even if you don’t sign up your kid for the after-school activities, the teachers will keep your child busy by rotating between outside play and other indoor activities.

Monica U

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