“Both my girls have been in Crossing Borders for more than 1 years. Before we made the decision to enroll, I did at least 6 tours in different schools. Now, I glad to say that I am not regretting my decision.

I had worried that one of my daughter, who has been shy and sensitive, could struggle in the preschool. But the teachers were very nice and patient, they won my daughter’s trust, and helped her as well encouraged her to get comfortable dealing with people. As the time went by, I was glad to see improvements in my daughter, as the safe social environment in Crossing Borders is what she needs to learn to deal with people and gain confidence in herself.

Teachers in Crossing Borders care for kids, and they take responsibility. My kids are in good hands. They both have both love go to school, and they are happy in school. Teachers also listen to parents, and share with parents. They team up very well with partners when it comes to academic activities, social development as well as things like potty training.

Crossing Borders has a big shaded play yard, it is one of the best from my tours. With the Texas sun, it is important factor for me to consider.

Crossing Borders is very diverse and open. It has a culture to enable every kid to feel comfortable and feel encouraged to be his/her self.

All in all, my family has always positive experiences with Crossing Borders.”

Monica Cao (Jolene and Ana’s mom)

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