Our daughter has been attending the French Immersion classroom at Crossing Borders since she was 2 years-old and we are about to graduate to Kindergarten in the fall. It has been a wonderful experience. We speak Spanish at home and hear English everywhere else (my boys go to English-only elementary schools) so we decided to place her in French.

In such a short time her vocabulary has blossomed and her confidence and fluency have increased. Much of the credit goes to the wonderful French teachers she has had, Ms Naoual and Ms. Radia. They are creative, nurturing, and sweet with the kids. I can say that about all of the teachers, regardless of language classroom, they are always going out of their way to provide the most fun education to the kids using different languages as conduits to get there. It has not been about teaching the language as much as teaching in the language which is what I really appreciate. What I love about our experience is that since we have been in a mixed-age class for most of our time at Crossing Borders it has allowed my daughter to mature and get along with older and younger kiddos. The teachers do a fantastic job of mixing up the activities to keep it challenging enough for the more experienced kids but allowing the new kids to learn at their own pace.

Besides the great environment and results that I have seen with my daughter, I do think that Crossing Borders offers great value for childcare compared to other options. Their hours are convenient and not having to think about pre- and after-care but knowing that she’s in a safe and caring environment all day is great.

My only concern now as we move on is how to maintain her French as we move into Kindergarten!

Isabella’s mom, Juliana Ronderos

Juliana Ronderos

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