Lauren Wiener

This is such a wonderful place! We have been at Crossing Borders Preschool for 2 years now. My daughter started out in the Spanish program, she is completely fluent in Spanish. She speaks and understands everything. This year we decided to transfer her into the Mandarin Chinese program and literally after the first week of learning a brand new language she came home singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” in Chinese. It was AMAZING!

The teachers and administrators are super friendly, you can tell they genuinely care for the students. The administrators know all the kids and parents by name. The price point is great in comparison to a lot of other schools in the area and the hours, while long for the little ones, are geared towards working parents – 7am to 6pm. The school does have logoed uniforms, which at first I thought was a bit of an overkill for preschoolers, but quite honestly it makes getting ready for school so easy.

The location in the Rice University area is unbelievable for people who live or work in the Med Center, Downtown, West U, Museum District and Montrose. The school is based out of the Lutheran Church in the Rice Village but other than renting space from them has no association with the church.

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