A family-owned and operated school

How We’ve Created a Superior immersion Preschool
From the Inspired Concept to its Inception;
Now An Established Full-Scale Operation

A family owned and operated school

How We’ve Created a Superior Preschool
From the Inspired Concept to its Inception;
Now An Established Full-Scale Operation

About Elvia Taylor – Owner & CEO

Elvia Taylor has been involved in language education as a teacher, consultant, advocate, entrepreneur, and mother since 1984. In 2001, Elvia was working in corporate America when she recognized that there were people who wanted to learn English or Spanish. Elvia spoke both languages perfectly and decided to open her own business. Using her dining room table and a guest room that she converted into a classroom, Elvia opened her home to students every evening, and the company took off!

Today, Elvia has a successful preschool in the Houston-Rice Village area and has sold three franchises focusing on language classes for adults. Her language immersion preschool in Houston is recognized as one of the top preschools in the area. There is a waiting list for children who are eager to learn a second language.

Crossing Borders’ staff features an Academic Specialist, and Training & Development Specialist, who has more than 25 years of experience as a teacher/principal in the public and private school sector and has been with the company for five years.

Master's Degree Holders​

Our staff includes highly qualified members with bachelor’s and master’s degrees that include: Human Resources, Enrollment Specialist, Marketing, Academic Specialist, and Training & Development Specialist. The team at Crossing Borders International Preschool love what they do. They have worked with Crossing Borders from anywhere between three and 15 years. Together they have developed their own techniques, Bilingual teaching materials, and lesson plans in Spanish, English, Mandarin, and French for our children.

A letter from Elvia

Dear Parents, 

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for choosing Crossing Borders International Preschool for your little one(s). As a mother of one who is now an adult and an amazing gentleman, I did not have the opportunity you have to have my child, Brandon, in a language immersion school when he was little. Even though I speak Spanish and English my husband only spoke English at that time. So normally we would speak English at home. My elementary – college years I had been in bilingual and private schools, so I had a big plan.  

I dreamt about having Brandon speaking and writing in Spanish for many years. He did learn Spanish though and he liked it not at the very start but as a teen I sent him several times to Mexico to be immersed and it worked! Why didn’t I have the opportunity for him to be bilingual at an early age? There wasn’t anything like Crossing Borders International Preschool back when Brandon was little. I know years have gone by and society and communities now see how big this is for our new generations. 

Trusting a provider to care for your child is very important, I understand. As parents, we love our children so deeply, and we need the peace of mind, right?  I’m so happy that you’ve found a school where the staff truly cares about your children. At Crossing Borders, this is absolutely the peace of mind you’ll get when your child is enrolled in our school. 

I recognize the environment is so important for children and for you, and I really take pride in being able to make a difference in the way our school is unique. Surrounding children in a beautiful heritage building that is safe and in an educational setting is a priority for me as an owner and as a mom. I also understand that maintaining a clean school is a must to ensure that children are as healthy as possible and that the school feels wonderful for our little ones to be part of every day. 

I am proud of the remarkable staff that work for our company, as many of them have been part of our family for many years! Counting on our school to have teachers and staff who are loyal, educated, and caring, and I assure you that’s just what we have! Personally, I am blessed to have amazing staff and true friends. My employees have been right by my side helping Crossing Borders grow and bloom into the outstanding school it is today. 

I thank you for sharing your child with us, and I look forward to all the adventures we will all have together at Crossing Borders! 

- Elvia Taylor

Our Vision

To be a World-Class
Language Immersion Preschool.

Our Mission

Prepare Children for Success in the Global
Community through Language Immersion Education.

Our programs

(Spanish Only)

(Spanish, English, Mandarin, and French.)

Dual Language
50% Spanish 50% English

(English and Spanish)

(Spanish, English, Mandarin, and French. And soon Arabic!)

Dual Language
50% Spanish 50% English

3 years old and up