languages and curriculum

Superior Language Immersion Programs
Developing Confident, Responsible, and Independent Children

languages and curriculum

Superior Language Immersion Programs
Developing Confident, Responsible, and Independent Children

Language Immersion Strategies Combined with Educational Activities, Games, Music, and More!

A curriculum that combines language immersion strategies with stimulating educational activities ensures your child learns a language as well as academics. This curriculum is developed specifically for each different age group. Our Houstin immersion preschool also provides a lot of music, games, dance, and hands-on activities to balance out their day with academics and tons of fun!

Choose Spanish, English, Mandarin and French

You can choose to enroll your child in Spanish, English, Mandarin, or French. Languages are taught in an immersion style. Children are challenged by learning their new language through games, songs, and activities.

One language or dual-language program – Crossing Borders International Preschool offers students the chance to learn one language at a time, or two!

If you choose to have your child learning two languages at a time (we call this the Dual Program), your child will be in one language three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and two times in another language (Tuesday and Thursday). For example, if you choose Spanish as your main language and French as the second language, then your child will spend three days in Spanish and two days in French. Or swap the classes, as you get to choose the schedule.

Spanish and English are offered for all ages starting at 18 months.

Mandarin and French are offered to 3 years and up (child must be fully potty-trained) 

Multi-Aged Classroom Approach
for Mandarin and French Immersion

Our Approach Fosters Community and (Significantly) Enhances Learning

Children Master Social, Emotional and Cognitive Skills in the Multi-Aged Classroom

Successful Learning in
Multi-aged Classrooms

After several years of teaching different ages in the same classroom, we have come to understand — and to prove — that students in mixed-age classrooms learn successfully. Younger students can be challenged with a program that is advanced for their age, while older students gain confidence for developing their unique strengths.

A Sense of Belonging in a
Classroom Community

Multi-age classrooms help your child build a sense of belonging in a small classroom community, since they remain in the same class for a longer time. Exposure to other students with varying levels of language fluency and cognitive skills inspires your child as they get to know others better.

* This is only for our French and Mandarin 3-years-and-up classrooms.

The Crossing Borders International Preschool academic curriculum has been developed in-house for over 13 years. We have used our experience teaching children languages and continue to evolve with new and exciting activities to enhance the learning experience.

Because children learn best when they are engaged, our curriculum is designed to help them participate in activities, sing along with traditional songs, and play games using their target language. Children are also taught age-appropriate reading and writing skills, math, art, and science.

As well as teaching a new language, our curriculum includes:

  • Development of fine motor skills through exercises and games.
  • Development of vital social and communication skills.
  • Discovery of traditions and cultures from around the world through participation in activities that foster awareness and acceptance of other cultures.
  • Testing and evaluation for children, ages 3 through 5, so parents can see their child’s progress.
  • A commitment to excellence with a full-time academic specialist involved in curriculum, lesson plans, and staff development.

Our programs

(English and Spanish)

(Spanish, English, Mandarin, and French.)

Dual Language
50% Spanish 50% English

(English and Spanish)

(Spanish, English, Mandarin, and French. And soon Arabic!)

Dual Language
50% Spanish 50% English

3 years old and up

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