A Renowned Preschool Set In a Beautiful Heritage Building

Our School Sets the Stage for Future Success in Life

A Renowned Preschool Set In a Beautiful Heritage Building

Our School Sets the Stage for Future Success in Life

Our location

(Located Inside Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church)

We can’t wait to get to know you and your family! Give us a call today and schedule your visit so you can learn more about our amazing immersion school. 

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A Setting for High Scholastic Achievement

Your child’s school setting inspires the worldliness we are known for with its impressive, lofty entranceway, hallways, and rooms. Our beautiful old brown, brick building has a rich, Ivy League feel that you’ll immediately be drawn to. Our Houston immersion preschool is a play tailored to learning and high achievement in an engaging, fun atmosphere.

Colorful Classrooms
Dazzle Your Child Every Day

Colorful classrooms are stimulating and fun! With emphasis on shapes, textures, and colors throughout the room, your child is always happy and recognizes their class as a fun place for learning.

Amazing Green Area with Four Sections for Bikes,
Picnics, and More

In addition to an actual playground at our Houston preschool, our expansive outdoor space has four sections, with plenty of room for bikes, running around, fun activities, and more! We believe having ample space to play freely is essential for your child’s health and happiness.

Projectors and Computers In Classrooms Support Learning

All 3-and-up classrooms have projectors and computers for teachers. All teachers have tablets as well to bring technology into your child’s daily learning. Technology helps keep learning fresh.

Safety and Security Is Always A Top Priority

Safety is our #1 priority. In addition to doors that auto-lock and FOBS for parent and staff, there is staff immediately available to parents as you sign in and out. All staff carry walkie-talkies and have Emergency Preparedness Training, should the unthinkable happen. We also have HPD officers that are at our school ensuring the safety of our little ones, parents, and staff.

"we absolutely love it!!"

My child has been at Crossing Borders in the 18 month Spanish program and we absolutely love it!! I speak from experience as a former nanny, pre-k teacher, gymnastics & swimming coach and kids center vice president. I am a very picky parent and in all honesty this is the third program my son has been enrolled in, and we are here to stay! The teachers, aides, directors, and owner all know my son by name, we are always greeted with a smile, and he is speaking Spanish so well complete strangers have commented on his Spanish during our daily metro commute. This is definitely a warm nurturing environment for a child. As for the price, how can you put a price on your child’s well being? This is an awesome school!

RJ’s mom

Our programs

(Spanish Only)

(Spanish, English, Mandarin, and French.)

Dual Language
50% Spanish 50% English

(English and Spanish)

(Spanish, English, Mandarin, and French. And soon Arabic!)

Dual Language
50% Spanish 50% English

3 years old and up