Summer Camp 2024: To Be Disclosed In January 2024

Spring Break Camp 2024: March 11 - March 15, 2024


Summer Camp 2024:
To Be Disclosed In January 2024

Spring Break Camp 2024: March 11 - March 15, 2024

Summer Camp Program | 4 - 12 Years | Serving Houston, TX

Information for summer camp is now available. Contact us today to learn more!!

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4 (by September 1st ) – 6 years old

4 (by September 1st ) – 6 years old

Spring Break Camp
While participating in this one-week Spanish immersion course, children will learn Spanish through fun activities. This Spanish immersion program is open to children 4 to 6 years old.

4-7 year old Summer Camp

Languages offered: English (ESL), Spanish, Mandarin, and French

Our language immersion summer camp is catered for kiddos of all levels of fluency. We work with hands-on activities on the target language to make the immersion process super fun! 

Kids are introduced to their second language with a great morning routine that includes songs, games, and vocabulary! If your child has never been immersed before, don’t worry! Our amazing teachers work with different levels of fluency in the same classroom all year.

Fun Fridays make camp even MORE fun! We have splash days, movie days, cooking days, and more fun activities!

The minimum requirement for our summer camp is two consecutive weeks. 

7-10 Year Old Summer Camp

Languages offered: English (ESL)/Ages: 7-12 and Spanish/ Ages: 7-10

We also offer language immersion camps for older campers that ensure kids are immersed and that classes are dynamic. Our teachers work on vocabulary, reading, writing, phonics, discussion, and more!

Our bilingual camps bring together campers from different backgrounds with a same goal: learning a second or third language.

We offer continuous learning with our Enrichment Programs which you can sign up for year-round to ensure that your child is continuing their language learning adventure!

For our ESL camp, campers from all over the world to visit us! Past campers hail from countries such as Russia, Turkey, Spain, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, France, and more!!

The minimum requirement for our summer camp is two consecutive weeks.

Information for our 2022 summer is now available. Please contact us online or call us at 281-771-3356 for more details


One of the BEST language learning programs in Houston, TX is now being offered online! Teaching kiddos a second or third language remotely.

We will offer kids the opportunity to experience our summer program from the comfort of their own home! Your kiddos will be able to explore different topics such as: vocabulary, phonics, reading, writing, and more in the language you choose!!

Our curriculum is structured and built so that your kiddo can learn a second language from anywhere! Our teachers are there to support you and your child. We will provide parents weekly worksheets to print out.

Schedule: Flexible!! You choose the days and times and we pair you with the best teacher!

4-12 Year Old Winter Camps

Languages offered: English (ESL) and Spanish​

During Winter Break, Crossing Borders in Houston will open its doors for kids (4-12 years old) to experience a fun-filled and educational Winter Camp.

Is your child off during the month of January and needs to improve their English skills? Bring him/her to our school in Houston!

Now offering remote Classes for kids 4 – 10 years old

For more information, please call (812) 657-1813 or e-mail Yanet Sustaita at