Love and Care Form The Foundation Of a Stellar Education

Focus on the importance of diversity, culture, and the
ability to speak multiple languages

Love and Care Form The Foundation Of a Stellar Education

Crossing Borders International Preschool is perfect for families who believe in and understand the importance of diversity, culture, and the ability to speak multiple languages in our global economy.

Preschool Program | 3 - 4 Years | English, Spanish, French, And Mandarin Immersion | Serving Houston, TX

Blossoming Academically
and Socially Through Balance

Your child learns crucial social skills, along with language immersion and top-notch academics. Our immersion preschool teaches things like managing their emotions and conflict resolution, helping them develop well socially.

Playful and Purposeful
Morning Routine

“This is the best preschool experience I have had in the eight years of being a parent. I’ve always felt that other preschools in which we were enrolled could be doing more than social development…but they did not. At Crossing Borders my daughter has gained social and academic development while being submerged in the Spanish language curriculum. What a great place to get the language exposure as well as many other things. The teachers and staff are very welcoming and warm. They have passion about their students and what they teach. What a great place we call home.”  – Kimberly Murphy

Plenty of playtime means children can also sit, pay attention, and listen when they have to. Your child will love the dynamic experiences of immersion preschool with lots of games and a fun morning routine, including circle time.

An Environment Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Your child’s morning drop-off will remind you of the old sitcom Cheers, “Where everybody knows your name.” Children and teachers alike greet your child daily, and there is always someone to greet them with a smile as soon as they come into the school.

English, Spanish, Mandarin, & French Teach Them Diversity

The perfect experience is for your child to learn through their environment about diversity and culture. The ability to speak multiple languages is a huge asset in today’s global economy — the more exposure, the better. This is why your child learns through activities that teach them to communicate in English, Spanish, Mandarin, and French.

Teachers Sharpen Your Child’s Strengths and Reinforce Where Needed

Teachers carefully monitor your child’s academic skills and development, helping them out exactly where they need it most. Personalized activities also aim at enhancing their many gifts and strengths, sharpening their skills.

Children Pass Assessments for Private School Entry with Flying Colors

Crossing Borders International Preschool students pass all assessments when evaluated to enter private schools like Awty, St. James, St. Marks, St. Matthews, as well as Dual language schools like Wharton, Mark Twain, Mandarin Immersion Magnet School, etc. Clearly an excellent success rate!

Children Pass Assessments For Private School Entry With Flying Colors

Communicative, Responsive, and Attentive Teachers Guide Your Child

Our exceptional teaching team brings out the very best in your child. Through observation, responsiveness, and attentiveness, we engage fully with your child every day. This level of committed care extends to all our communication with you.

Are you looking for an academic program for your young child?

Schedule a tour at our Houston location. We know you will be impressed by our students’ results in language as well as academic skills in reading, writing, math and more.

Full Language Immersion Creates fluency in the target language

After a few months, your child understands a new language and speaks a few words through learning English, Spanish, Mandarin, and French. Teachers are very nurturing and attentive to your child’s needs, and this personal attention makes the difference for catching every teachable moment in our full language immersion programs in Houston.

Full Language Immersion Creates fluency in the target language

more Parent reviews

"crossing borders has proven to be an advantageous program to be a part of!"
I have been giving an oral Spanish assessment for the past twenty-three years at Mark Twain Elementary School in an effort to determine if the student is a fluent Spanish speaker. For many years we have had applications from students that were attending Crossing Borders seeking entrance into the dual language program. Over the past three years, I have noticed a significant difference in the amount of Spanish that is being retained by children coming from Crossing Borders. Both orally, receptive, and expressive oral language have drastically improved. Further-more, the children are coming into the dual language program with the ability to read in Spanish, a basic skill that is typically mastered by the end of kindergarten. From the perspective of a dual language coordinator and a kindergarten teacher at Mark Twain, Crossing Borders has proven to be an advantageous program to be a part of.
Graciela Martinez
"We Are Very Impressed!"
We are very impressed by the amount of Mandarin Jui has learned in her short time in the classroom. Our two older children attend the Mandarin Immersion Magnet School (3rd and 4th grade) and are impressed by what she has learned, the tone that she speaks in and the words that she knows. The boys actually have told me some of what she has learned are things that they didn't learn until 1st grade.
Sheetal Patel
"They take children's safety, education and holistic wellbeing seriously"
I stumbled across crossing borders when we moved to Houston. We weren't originally looking for a language immersion program, but we are so pleased that we ended up going this route. The teachers and staff are fantastic and in less than two years my son speaks and reads Spanish! The school is well organized, clean and secure. They take children's safety, education and holistic wellbeing seriously - we can't say enough good things.
R M.
It’s a wonderful school, teachers are so dedicated and seeing their students talk in another language means everything to them! keep on with the good job!
Gabriela Wheeler
"The teachers are so dedicated to their jobs"
I give it a 4.5 curriculum is always improving and the teachers are so dedicated to their jobs. Admin staff always takes good care of parents and students. As a former employee, I can say that I really enjoyed my time working for this company. I made a lot of friends and met wonderful families that I will forever remember. If you are looking for a place where your child can learn a second or maybe a third language with passionate teachers, this is definitely the place 🙂
Bernal L.
"we loved crossing borders!"
We loved Crossing Borders! The teachers were always caring and dedicated to all the kids! Communication to parents were always promptly and informative! Our kid made so many good friends and we saw improvements in the Spanish language really fast. Our son went there for 2 ½ years and we couldn’t be happier with the results of of this school. Thank you Crossing Boarders Staff!
Ana Vanessa
" I can say with confidence that all of my children will come out of elementary school fluent in Spanish"
Crossing borders has been so valuable to our family. At first my wife and I were skeptical as neither of us speak Spanish at all, but we stuck with it and the results have been incredible. Our oldest has been there for the past 3 years and is currently in the brand new kindergarten program. He is now not only conversationally fluent in Spanish, but he is reading and writing in both English and Spanish as well. This new kinder program gave us a 2nd chance to enter the HISD dual language program lottery again this year, and we were lucky enough to land a spot. Now I can say with confidence that all of my children will come out of elementary school fluent in Spanish. Our middle child has been there a little over a year and has recently begun to talk and sing with his older brother in Spanish periodically at home. His vocabulary in both languages is expanding at about the same rate. Our youngest will be there in the Fall as soon as she is old enough for the program. The teachers and administration are experienced, patient, kind, and responsive. Anytime my wife and I have had any questions or apprehensions someone is always available to help and explain. Their language immersion method seems intimidating at first and it does take time for non-native speaking children to pick up a new language, but if you stick with it, trust the teachers, and encourage your little ones, the sky is the limit. Thank you Crossing Boarders Staff!
Adam B.
Our twins started CB in June and we couldn’t be more pleased with our experience. The teachers were patient with our girls as they adjusted to school and now they can’t wait to go to school each day and they are learning a lot. They love their teacher, Ms. Radia and talk about her constantly. CB has also done an excellent job putting proper safety protocols in place and remaining flexible during the pandemic. We feel they are doing everything possible to make things safe and comfortable for our girls and for their staff.
Sincerely, Maria L Vidal-Michel

Preschool Teachers



French Teacher

Radia is polylingual, speaking French, English, and Berber. She earned her master’s degree on December 2017 in finance and banking from University of Mouloud Maameri in Algeria and earned her post-graduation diploma from Maghreb institute in tax and customs. She has worked as substitute teacher in Alliance Françoise in Arizona and has been working for Crossing Borders International Preschool as our French lead teacher. She has a passion for teaching and transmitting her knowledge to her students and she believes attention and patience are key to language success.



Mandarin Teacher
Jessica Zhu is the Mandarin Teacher for Crossing Borders International Preschool. She is bilingual in English and Mandarin and she earned her bachelor’s degree at James Cook University in Singapore. She has five years of teaching experience, three of which were at a top international preschool and kindergarten in Shanghai, China. Being a teacher and connecting with her students is important to her. Jessica strives to help her students achieve the next milestones in their development with love, kindness, and caring.


English Teacher

 Danielle graduated from college with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Child Family Development. For the past nine years she has pursued her passion of working with children in Preschools where she developed a teaching style that allows each student to learn at his/her own pace. She is eagerly looking forward to teaching English and to enriching the lives of the children at Crossing Borders International Preschool.



Spanish Teacher
Ms. Karla has been working for Crossing Borders International Preschool since July 2019. She is fluent in English and Spanish and she is currently studying to complete her bachelor’s degree in education at Lone Star College. She believes that teaching is not just a career, but also a passion. Ms. Karla wants to be an inspiration to children, and the best reward for her is their smiles.


Spanish Teacher

Liliana is a Spanish Teacher for Crossing Borders International Preschool. She is bilingual in English and Spanish. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at California State University in Fresno. She is currently working toward her Texas teaching certification. Liliana started working for Crossing Borders International Preschool in July 2014. She considers the field of education to be part of fulfillment in her life. She loves teaching and sharing her knowledge of the Spanish language and culture with her students. 



Spanish Teacher

Ms. Crystal is a Spanish Teacher for Crossing Borders International Preschool. She is fluent in English and Spanish and she earned a bachelor’s degree in Preschool Education from Escuela de Educadoras Laura Arce in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. She loves teaching children and she believes that the patience, perseverance, and enthusiasm a teacher has is significant for children’s learning.


Cristiana Rosado

Spanish Teacher

Cristiana Rosado is a Spanish Teacher for Crossing Borders International Preschool. She is bilingual in English and Spanish. She earned a Child Development Associate accreditation through Montgomery College of Maryland and a certification Multiple Intelligence in Early Childhood. Cristi joined Crossing Borders in September 2016. She loves how children use their imagination to transform their environment. Her passion for teaching pushes her to always find a way to show them that they can be smart in many areas.



Spanish Teacher

Sandra is bilingual in English and Spanish. She has a master’s degree in Administration of Educational Institutions from the Instituto Tecnológico of Monterrey. She also has a Bachelor´s degree as a Public Accountant with a specialization in taxes and is a researcher in social and educational areas. In the course of her professional development; teaching has represented her vocation for 20 years; being a teacher represents her passion in doing what she loves most.



Mr. Rick has been working for Crossing Borders International Preschool for 15 years. He is bilingual in English and Spanish. Mr. Rick always helps with any IT issues plus he monitors playground equipment and building maintenance to make sure that our kids are safe while they are enjoying their time outside. Mr. Rick is very well known throughout the school with our kiddos and they love him. For Rick, it is a good day when the children are learning a new language in a safe and fun environment.

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