Remote Language Learning

Crossing Borders is now offering
remote language classes
to kids 18 months and up!

A great way to learn a new language from home!

About us

With 20 years of experience in the language industry, Crossing Borders offers English, Spanish, Mandarin, and French classes remotely.  We have been an outstanding leader in innovative programs and training. We have also developed academic programs that help our students develop a second language in an effective way.

Why choose Crossing Borders? We have been specializing in young children (as young as 18 months) for 20 years and counting.  Our remote platform has been designed with the children in mind. Crossing Borders International Preschool located in Houston, TX is recognized as the best language immersion preschool in town. In addition, the majority of our staff is trained to shine in order to provide the best instruction for your children.

What makes us different

Our programs specialize in young ones.  With our experience in our own International Language Immersion Preschool, Crossing Borders International Preschool, we can engage and have fun with children from 18 months to 6 years old. All of our activities for our 18 months old can be completed through a screen, your tablet or computer, which include making them dance, learn, repeat, and soon understand and reply. Our 3-year old’s activities include listening, repeating, working on worksheets, laughing, dancing and involving lots of singing as well. The 4 years old are now learning through flashcards, books, songs, repetition, and engaging games. Those students that are 6 and up follow our curriculum through grammar, conversation, and games. Our remote platform is easy to follow. We offer group and private classes. 


All teachers at Crossing Borders are native in the language they are teaching and care deeply about your child’s progress. You will be able to interact with our teachers and see them in action as they teach your little one. Some of our teachers hold higher education degrees while others have their CDA certificates.

We not only offer a great program, but we have wonderful teachers that implement all the learning in a fun and interactive way for your little one.

Summer Camp Online for your child

As many kiddos are safely social distancing and may not be able to attend summer programs in person.

We will offer kids the opportunity to experience our summer program from the comfort of their own home! Your kiddos will be able to explore different topics such as: vocabulary, phonics, reading, writing, and more in the language you choose!!

Our curriculum is structured and built so that your kiddo can learn a second language from anywhere! Our teachers are there to support you and your child. We will provide parents weekly worksheets to print out.


Learning a new language at an early age can enhance cognitive abilities and build confidence in a child – our online platform means there’s no need to attend a Learning Center, they just log in and learn!! We offer group classes for kids 18 months – 4 years old as well! For our private classes, you can do a 30-minute class once a week to as many days of the week and as many hours as you want or need.
For more information, please call 281-465-0899 or e-mail
“I just want to thank you again for all that you all are doing during this transition. Miss Nikkie has done a great job keeping James engaged and it really has helped me tremendously juggling it all between homeschooling 3 children.”

- Kim Perich

“We have absolutely loved working with Crossing Borders over the past 8 years. My children first started in their 18-mo preschool program and ultimately graduated to elementary school. When social distancing resulted from Covid-19 we were able to reinstate online counseling lessons with Crossing Borders to supplement their education at home. The staff are flexible, responsive and collaborative in terms of how to work out a schedule that fits the needs of your child. It is so easy to provide feedback about what is working in the online classroom and Crossing Borders adjusts accordingly. Their main goal is clearly to accommodate parents and students to ultimately provide Spanish language instruction (or any language they offer). It has been wonderful and I am grateful for such a great organization in the community to help meet our needs in this new “online” world”

- Claire Woll

more Parent reviews

My daughter has been a student of Crossing Borders International for three years.
PreK 3, 4 and Kindergarten. All years immersion 50/50 Spanish/English.
I would like to share with you how fast Crossing Borders international reacted to the covid situation.
The owner of the school Elvia called every single parent and discussed the situation and options for online classes almost immediately. We were offered morning Spanish classes and afternoon English classes. 2 hours each With one on one reading segment with each student.
We received the zoom information with materials to be printed every Sunday evening or Monday morning.
My daughter’s teacher Ms Areli did such a great job!
All kids love her and were happy to see her online every day. First I was little skeptical thinking that online would not be same as the actual class but I was proved otherwise.
Ms Areli, with great professionalism and calmness, managed to have all kids involved from the begging to the end of each segment.
On the top of tutorial part kids were singing, dancing and having fun in otherwise very different lonely world.
My daughter was sad when the school was over every day.
I have to applaud to Ms Areli and Ms Elvia how brilliantly were the virtual classes managed.

Us, all parents were able to work while our kids were “at school”.
Renata Broddon
Buenos días! Thank you so much for the opportunity. As the parents of Julian Nelson, we are delighted with the support, kindness, and ongoing care of the Crossing Borders community. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Crosding Borders faculty and staff have shown the utmost care in providing a safe healthy learning environment for our son. From providing onsite support to virtual classes, Crossing Borders has ensured Julian has been provided ample resources and opportunities to continue his dual language program. He has been so excited to share his cooking skills with his classmates online and participate in singing songs and dancing. The heart of Crossing Borders has been shown during this time and we will never forget. We look forward to remaining a part of the community and continuing to advocate the school to family, friends, and coworkers! 😀❤️
Sincerely, Dom and Olga Nelson
The online program at Crossing Borders has been a wonderful and unique experience. I am impressed with how quickly they were able to set up a method for remote learning during this time. Although my daughter is learning French through distance learning, she is still able to form a strong bond with her teacher and looks forward to seeing her classmates online. Her French language skills have improved in these few weeks and it's a great addition to her daily routine.
Celine Benavides
We have had a great experience with the online classes. The staff was able to quickly find a time that worked for us. We got to work with an amazing teacher that quickly had my son learning again Spanish again. He already had two years of Spanish immersion preschool at Crossing Borders that I also highly recommend. In two weeks time with the online classes, I noticed a big improvement with his speaking skills. These times have been hard on many of us. However, a bright spot is that it has made me seek critical educationally programs, like Crossing Borders language learning, that is not part of the normal school curriculum.
Kent B
We have been attending Crossing Borders for three years, due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic we have had to begin virtual classes. I cannot begin to express how happy I am with how well my son is doing with the virtual classes. Miss Nicki is kind, patient and able to keep the attention of a full 5 year old class, which is very hard to do. I am so impressed at how much my son has progressed even while going virtual. I highly recommend Crossing Borders for all your Immersion needs!!
Sincerely, Kaitlyn Garza Mother of 2 students
My child loves his on-line Spanish class! We recently moved out-of-state. As he was previously enrolled in the Crossing Borders Spanish immersion on-site classes, I was disappointed that he wouldn't be able to continue. I'm so thankful that Crossing Borders now offers an on-line platform. The sessions are quick and engaging for my active 2 year old. He is able to connect with his old friends and continue to practice his Spanish skills. He waits for class each day and frequently sings the Spanish vocabulary songs. Thank you Crossing Borders for offering on-line Spanish education for children!
Sarah Creamer
Ms. Christy is so cheerful and is great at keeping Rian engaged and listening. We can't believe the sentences coming out of his mouth in Spanish!
Jennafer Watson
We moved to Corpus Christi end of last year (reason for leaving crossing borders). She started school here but they are closed, so I am happy that you guys remembered us and this online opportunity was available! Thank you
Sharvani Maharaj-Farquhar
My daughter started taking virtual Spanish classes with Crossing Borders Kids a couple of weeks ago. She was a little hesitant at first because she was so over doing e-learning with her regular school. I was surprised that after just one lesson, she was hooked! She is excited to join her class every Monday and Wednesday afternoon. She loves Ms. Lili and enjoys learning a new language. She has learned so much already. Highly recommended!
Emma Selig
The online classes have been a lifesaver, especially since no adult in our house speaks a foreign language. Our son looks forward to them everyday and it gives him a chance to see his teacher and classmates. I think that interaction is important. I don't know Spanish so I can't go into detail about the specific lesson plans, but whatever she is teaching keeps him engaged. The song links she sent were helpful as well.
Crossing Borders, has done a great job nurturing and educating our toddler. With our child being there only less than one year, he has quickly learned Spanish by ear and has even started speaking the language at home, which shows tremendous growth in him becoming bilingual. From academic structure, safety hugs, and outdoor fun we are more than pleased with our experience!
Leslie Taylor
Considering the unexpectedness of coronavirus, the online classes for pre-K have been great so far. My daughter struggled in a larger class format. The teachers and owner recognized that and created a beginner class for students that needed a little extra support. Since then, my daughter has been thriving in that smaller environment and is excited to see her friends every day!
Dana Kunkel
There has been tremendous value in having synchronous learning opportunities even for young, Pre-K language learners. The remote option has enabled our son to maintain and grow his Spanish fluency, connection with his classmates and his teacher in the absence of live classes. A well-designed combination of conversation, reading, and math modules, supplemented by at-home exercises has kept our five year old engaged for several weeks.
I am so happy that you have organized the online learning sessions. Ms. Nikki works hard to keep the kids engaged and the routine for Max is important in this time of uncertainty.
I was a little nervous about how my son would react to a remote circle time, but wow, he loves it! And I love the fact that we can tune-in no matter what we're doing that day. He's participated in circle time from our driveway, on a walk in the stroller, and sometimes, from his car seat. Thank you Crossing Borders for a fantastic remote learning option!
– 2 year old Mom – Melanie Coerver
I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how impressed I am with Ms. Karla’s teaching via Zoom for the Spanish toddler class. She’s very enthusiastic and expressive, even though most of the students have their videos on mute. She’s so engaging that my husband (who is from Argentina) has even joined in singing some of the songs that he remembers from childhood. I recently finished up teaching my Rice classes via Zoom and I know how exhausting and energy-sapping that remote teaching can be, so kudos to her!
– Danielle
Thanks to Crossing Borders' quick thinking as we faced the pandemic, our child's Spanish learning has not skipped a beat. We were afraid that Sebastian would be behind his peers come this August in his bilingual Kindergarten class, but we should have never worried. It is hard to teach and keep a 5 year old engaged by video, but Ms. Cristy does a great job!
The online classes from Crossing Borders have been amazing. Miss Emily has done such a great job of arranging the curriculum and works so hard at keeping the kids engaged. It isn't easy for a 5 year old to do an hour and a half video class, but Miss Emily is a saint and makes it go by quickly for them with songs and activities. We are so thankful to be able to continue our daughters education in these difficult times. Thank you Crossing Borders for making the shift to online classes!
We were so happy to learn that Crossing Borders offered online classes! They have helped us develop our new routine in this uncertain time. My daughter enjoys the interaction with her favorite teacher and classmates! Miss Radia does an exceptional job in keeping the kids attentive while still making class time enjoyable.
Crossing Borders as done a wonderful job adapting to the current situation by creating an online learning platform that is both entertaining and educational for the kids. My son (2.5yo) enjoys his virtual class with Ms. Karla every day. She's extremely engaging with all the songs and lessons. We really appreciate all the effort they've put into this platform, making it possible for us to keep up with my son's spanish lessons.
Ragini Sanyal
For more information, please call 281-465-0899 or e-mail