The modern world is smaller than ever before, with businesses and individuals interacting across borders worldwide with the goal of communicating effectively. In this multilingual society, speaking more languages is a surefire tool for laying the groundwork for a lifetime of education and productivity. Being bilingual is very useful, yet it can also promote more creativity for children in the midst of mastering more than one language. Here at Crossing Borders Preschool, our language immersion preschool strives to provide a comprehensive approach that allows your little one to begin learning the basics of a whole new language, laying the groundwork for a lifetime of communication amongst individuals from all over the globe. Our language immersion programs in Houston explore different cultures, providing your child with an in-depth look at the people who live there, their language, culture, and more. With a fully trained staff that practices full immersion, children between the ages of 18 months and 5 years can benefit from the proven curriculum at our child development center.

We’re dedicated to opening new doors for your little learner, and our daycare center is the perfect place to begin gathering the tools for a lifetime of success. Today, we’ll continue to discuss how bilingualism can encourage creativity for learners of all ages. When done, be sure to contact our bilingual preschool in Texas to see what we offer!


At first, thinking and speaking with two languages in your repertoire can be frustrating. Bilingual children often stumble when encountering words they do not know in their second language. Stopping to try and consider the right translation may delay their train of thought and create frustration. However, practice and improvement will help to continually smooth out the process of thinking and speaking in multiple languages.

Studies have spent a lot of time and financing to look at language and cognitive development, and results illuminate how instrumental your language can be in how you think. Syntax, for example, can greatly influence how humans think and express themselves. Your internal thoughts are based off of your native language (initially!), and the structure of this language directly affects your creativity and critical thinking skills. Individuals such as William Burroughs points to language structure and syntax as the building block for philosophy and creativity, yet these dynamics can eventually restrict how your mind creates and organizes thoughts.



Professionals often point to language and it’s conformity as the restricting factors on creativity, where breaking down the native language can present terms and thoughts in a new light. A second language may present new syntax elements and structuring to present descriptions and visuals in a new light, opening the door to a new world of thinking. Each language is comprised of its own unique elements, with many placing restrictions on certain aspects of expression. In this case, each language has found ways to overcome any shortcomings, yet bilingual speakers have been shown to utilize different techniques across multiple languages to provide a new view or angle on the roadblock at hand. Our immersion preschool strives to provide a diverse approach to mastering a new language, giving your little one all of the tools needed to utilize his or her own creativity to create unique solutions.

Learning a new language is an exciting and often eye-opening adventure for many people, and most experts state that children’s adaptability help make programs such as our bilingual preschool as fun as it is effective. If you have a little one that shows a propensity for learning and multiculturalism, Crossing Borders Preschool is here to provide the best language immersion programs in Houston. Our diverse staff is here to provide the expert instruction in Spanish, English, Mandarin, Arabic, and more. Your little one can thrive in our early childhood development program, delivering amazing results with a proven curriculum. Contact us today to learn more about our immersion preschool!

In today’s world, the ability to speak a second, third, or even fourth language, is a tremendous advantage. Give your child that advantage—opening the doors to a lifetime of opportunities—by enrolling him or her in one or more of Crossing Border’s language classes and programs.
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