My son has been in Crossing Borders Rice Village location in Ms. Naoual’s French class, and we have been very happy with it. Ms. Naoual is incredibly sweet and nurturing and that has helped my son’s separation anxiety issues – he would cry when I would drop him off, but she was always comforting, and within a couple of minutes, he was fine. Now he doesn’t cry at all when I drop him off and is excited to be with his new class.

Class sizes are small which I love, as it allows for lots of individual attention, and I love the Brightwheel app they use – it’s fun getting photos throughout the day and seeing what my son and his class have been up to. We do not speak French at home, but within a month of being at the school, he was counting for me in French, and he regularly sings French songs he’s learned. We practice together at home and it’s even helped me get back into practice!

I would like to see the teachers in plain clothes versus scrub-type (albeit pink) uniforms, as the latter gives a slight institutional or medical quality, and I think it would allow the teachers to express their personalities. We looked at different schools in the area, and although not inexpensive, for the tuition I feel you get very good value given the second language immersive environment.

Overall in our short three month stay, we’ve been happy, really love Ms Naoual and are thrilled our son is in an enriching, academic environment where he is learning a second language at a time and age when it is so easy for kids to learn.

Alia Rdissi

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