As a parent, one of the most important things you can provide your child with is a stable routine. A child’s whole world and existence revolves around the environment you provide them with, so if it is safe and predictable, they feel secure. When a child’s world is constantly changing, it has the opposite effect. When a child feels safe, they can relax, which is not only healthy for them emotionally and physically, it also gives them the opportunity to explore their world unhindered by fear. Of course, everyone’s typical routine changes now and again, and there is only so much control over how much consistency there is in your child’s schedule. However, if your child can have some basic expectations about their daily life, they will be much better for it. In this blog, we will go over the top benefits of routines for children, as well as ways you can establish routine in your child’s life.


Beyond making your child feel more secure in their own world, allowing them to feel safe and explore, there are many other benefits to establishing a routine.

Promotes Cooperation

When your child knows their routine, they are far more likely to cooperate because there is a lot less anxiety in their lives. They know what they are doing next, they know their parent will warn them of any changes, and they don’t feel like their parent is bossing them around. Your child feels more autonomous, and you don’t have to nag. Everyone wins!

Establishes Independence

When kids are aware of their routine, it enables them to be more independent. They can take charge of what they are doing without you having to remind them. They feel much more competent because they know exactly what they are supposed to be doing, when they are supposed to do it. From brushing their teeth to tying their shoes, a routine allows your child to be more independent.

Helps Get Them On A Schedule

A routine can help your child get on a specific schedule for eating and sleeping. When they have a routine during which they eat at a certain time each day, they get hungry at that time; same goes for bedtime. Not only that, in our modern world, it is very important that you are able to follow a set schedule in order to be successful. By establishing routine now, your child can more easily adapt to schedules once they go on to elementary, middle, and high schools and beyond.


Eat Meals Together Every Day

Life gets busy, and sometimes, you may end up feeding yourself and your youngster on the go. While this can’t always be avoided, try to eat at least one meal together as a family per day. Whether it is dinner every night or just a simple, quick breakfast in the morning, this type of routine ensures that you get family time every day and provides your child with the predictability they crave.

Establish A Bedtime Routine

A bedtime routine not only ensures that your child feels safe, it is also helpful for you. When your child knows what to predict at bedtime, they are more likely to be cooperative with going to bed. This will also help them associate certain activities with getting sleepy, so they will more easily fall asleep. When picking a bedtime routine, consider what relaxes your child. You may turn on soft music, read them a book, or give them a bath. Regardless of what you do specifically, make sure that you go through the same course of events night after night.

Pick The Right Childcare

Pick The Right ChildcareYou also want to make sure that your child care provider is on the same page as you in terms of routine. If you have a nanny or babysitter, communicate your child’s usual schedule with them, and the importance of maintaining it as closely as possible. If you are looking for a preschool, find out the basic schedule they follow; while most preschools should have

a routine schedule, it is a good indication of disorganization and a potentially stressful environment if they can’t really tell you what they do on a daily basis. At Crossing Borders Preschool, we offer a language immersion preschool that provides consistency and routine for your child. While we may change some activities to keep things interesting, your child will come to learn our basic schedule and become accustomed to the stability we provide.

When you are looking for a language immersion preschool in Houston that will help your child feel safe and secure, your best bet is Crossing Borders Preschool. We are proud to offer immersion classes in Spanish, French, Mandarin, and English that will open their eyes to a new culture. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

In today’s world, the ability to speak a second, third, or even fourth language, is a tremendous advantage. Give your child that advantage—opening the doors to a lifetime of opportunities—by enrolling him or her in one or more of Crossing Border’s language classes and programs.
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