As a non-Spanish, non-dual language family, we wanted each of our children, twin sons and a daughter, to have the chance to learn a second language as early as possible. Each started at Crossing Borders in Pre-K4 aged 18 months attending two days a week, through Pre-K, five days a week.

If success is simply measured by the ease with which a child will happily do something, Crossing Borders was a hit from the start. Naturally a few tears during the first few weeks, but no reluctance and throughout, an enthusiasm to attend and participate. The children were well cared for in a safe environment and made friends they will continue to see, even after their departure to Kindergarten.

If you are considering having a child learn a second language and if like us, do not speak that language at home, there may be times where you wonder if in fact they remember any of it… they do! Each child is different, but for us between Pre-K2 and Pre-K suddenly Spanish words, numbers and songs were plentiful and unprompted.

Although parents are encouraged to drop off and go in the mornings, whenever we had questions for either Ms. Zeina (the Director) or Ms. Elvia (the Owner), we didn’t feel like we were being rushed out the door. Since the kids started in 2015 the school has continued to grow, adding additional classes and it is a testament to Ms. Elvis’s many years of experience, that the focus on education hasn’t been compromised.

For our Kids, not only has Crossing Borders been a great success, it will also serve as a solid foundation for them to attend a dual language Spanish program at their next school.

Jon, Kara, Charlie, Harrison & Pip.

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